Hiring AZ Assistants

Photography by Mykal Bailey is searching for two assistants located in Arizona starting immediately. We are looking for a fun, friendly, professional, and out-going addition to the PMB Team!

Your primary job would be to assist the photographer with aiming off-camera lighting; reflecting or blocking light as needed; fixing client hair and clothes; helping clients relax and smile; shouting directions to large groups of people; acting silly around children; recording behind the scenes footage.

This is mostly a weekend/evening position. We will be traveling to various locations within Arizona and working outside in all types of weather. Please note: You do NOT need to have previous experience in this field.

**Possible Shooting Dates Needed (will be divided to up to both assistants) 

September 8, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30 | October 2 & 3


  • MUST have drivers license
  • Must be able to handle physical aspects of this job, such as: standing for long periods of time, lifting and carrying equipment, being outdoors for extended periods of time in all weather conditions
  • Must be open minded and willing to work with ALL types of clientele
  • Must be RELIABLE an on-time Must be able and willing to work with children of all ages and animals
  • Must be able to be pleasant and professional at all times, and able to handle high stress situations
  • Must be willing to act silly to get clients to smile!
  • Must be willing to work all scheduled shifts, sessions divided between assistants



You will be paid a percentage of each session you assistant.

***Both assistants will receive a FREE mini head shot session.

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