Many people do not understand what a bridal session is.  This is a photo session that involves only the bride and takes place before the actual wedding day. A bridal session is not something that is required it is completely up to you.  In the past, brides to be have shared with me that they were happy to have had this experience with a bridal session.  They were able to get some practice walking around in the wedding dress and go through the process of getting ready.  Some of these clients have discovered that an adjustment here or there is needed. It may be that the dress needs to be adjusted or even hair, make up or flowers need something changed.  This is a very laid back photo session.  Of course there is time to take photos by yourself when you are in your dress on your wedding day but it is not as relaxed and as leisure as these sessions. If you are interested in a bridal session it is recommended that it be scheduled as soon as possible.  The more advance notice I have the better it is.  

This is a photo session should be scheduled at least six weeks prior to the actual wedding day.  If you would like to display a few of these pictures on the day of the wedding, we will need enough processing time to get these



Being engaged is a very exciting experience and having an engagement session is the perfect way to celebrate this part of your life. Having an engagement session is the perfect type of practice before the wedding day.  As a photographer I want the process to be as seamless as it can be.  Therefore, having this time for me to work with you and having you practice posing together is essential.  It will also give me an idea of what your tastes are as well. During an engagement session you will learn how to trust me.  My relationship with my clients is built on trust.  My clients will learn to see that I understand them and that this understanding will allow for me to make them look fantastic in their photographs.  This is exactly how the business of taking great photos works.

An engagement session is nothing but fun!  Having engagement photos taken is a perfect way to enjoy each other and get away from the stress of planning a wedding.  What is even better is that the photos from this session can be used for save the date cards, guests books, and any other pre wedding items that you may need or want.